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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Site Enhancement - Sword Design

The next installment in my site enhancement project shows the steps that I follow in making a sword. The Book of Mormon covers many of the battles between Nephites and Lamanites and details the struggle that often led to bloodshed between believers and non-believers. The sword is an important weapon from the book of Mormon and it symbolizes strength, courage and the will to protect the weak from the tyranny of the wicked. The sword is also an excellent device in explaining how the refining fire of the Master helps to shape and perfect his tools (i.e., believers).

The sword for my site will be an infantry sword that might have been used by any number of thousands of soldiers. The sword will be decorated with symbols that will tie it to the rest of the site and make it interesting to look at. In creating this object I will incorporate parts of the golden plates and helmet that I previously created.

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