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Friday, July 4, 2008

Infantry Sword - Step 5

The scabbard was simple to create because I simply used the images I had virtually all of the pieces I wanted for the scabbard already available from this image and from others. I want the scabbard to be somewhat ornate so I used the golden plates and helmet from previous images that will serve to enhance the look of the scabbard. I also needed to create the functional pieces of the scabbard. These pieces are for attaching the scabbard to the infantryman's belt and keeping it secure. A chain could be used to pass through these pieces as will be displayed in the next step. For this step I simply wanted to create all of the elements that I would need for the eventual assembly of the scabbard. All of the pieces that will be used are included below. The scabbard itself is simply the blade of the sword slightly increased in size.

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