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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Latest in Blog Roll Technology

As if by answer to a prayer, the people at Blogspot have made a new widget that RULZ! The new feature is a welcome addition to my site and is one that I hope people will make use of. I have to admit the seemingly endless blog links that are posted on some sites are almost overwhelming and seem a bit pointless to me. Seriously, what am I going to do with those lists? It would be a full time job just to view all of the different blogs listed on some sites.

With the new feature I am thrilled to be able to add all of my favorite blogs and then display only the most recently updated blogs. Two very cool benefits occur to me initially:

1. Having these lists with a brief excerpt makes it look like I am more tech savvy than I am.
2. It looks like I have a connect with some of my favorite blogs.
3. I can avoid burning the extra calories required in visiting those different sites to see if they are updated. I'm not training for the Olympics!

To be fair, it's not the Jarvik heart but hey, I'm just a simple blogger.

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